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The Village Door® Seascape: Buy a Prime Piece of Florida’s Lucrative Tourism Industry

The restaurant and nightclub industry has been steadily growing over the years, providing owners with reliable cash flow and equity appreciation. Florida has become an especially appealing opportunity for these venues given its pristine white sand beaches and year-round tourism-driven economy. Accredited investors looking for an opportunity to participate in this growth may want to consider the Village Door® Seascape.

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Great Location

The Village Door® Seascape is located within the Seascape Resort on Florida’s Emerald Coast, which is known for its pristine beaches and cities like Destin, Fort Walton, and South Walton. The luxury tourist resort located off of Highway 98 features 1,338 villas with plans to expand to 2,500 villas, along with amenities like an 18-hole golf course and one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in the Emerald Coast region.

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The unique location in the Seascape Town Center provides a steady source of customers for the restaurant and nightclub. The location on Highway 98 will attract many more customers as tens of thousands of cars a day pass by the resort which has  its own traffic light. There are also several beachside cities that could provide more local customers, including Destin (named one of the top 10 “Best in the U.S.” by Lonely Planet in 2017) ,Fort Walton (Okaloosa County and Panama City.

According to the company’s market research, there are nearly 20,000 people living within 15 minutes of the restaurant and more than 300,000 living within an hour of the restaurant. The average household income of these customers ranges from $91,417 to $101,202, with a high potential spending index of 128 (a measure of the likeliness to spend). The Village Door is uniquely suited to serve these demographics given its broad age range. 

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Rendering of the new Village Door® Seascape, viewed from Highway 98

To learn more about this unique investment, sign-up to receive more information about the accredited investor opportunity at

Exceptional Management

John Wehner is best known for creating John Wehner’s Famous Door on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, which is the most competitive live music scene in the United States. During that time, starting in 1992, the nightclub became known for its lively entertainment that transcended age groups by keeping live music and DJs in-house to maintain consistency. People would come to the nightclub because they knew what to expect and could be sure of a great experience every time.

After running the concept successfully for more than 10 consecutive years, Mr. Wehner moved his operation to Sandestin, Florida in 2002 and was an instant success. The concept was renamed John Wehner’s Village Door® and an entertainment based restaurant was added to serve barbeque, seafood, burgers, craft beer, and other high-quality food items to families, tourists, and party-goers looking for delicious food, live music, and pulse-quickening dancing into the night with curated house bands and DJs.

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The Village Door® Seascape represents an expansion to a second location, which promises to build off of the success of the Famous Door and original John Wehner’s Village Door®. Management has become extremely proficient at selling the “experience”, while maintaining attractive revenue and margins for the owners. The team is well-equipped to execute on its business plan given its past experience and investors have the opportunity to invest alongside them.

Investment Opportunity

The Village Door® Seascape is raising about $2.5 million in funding through outside investment to build out and equip the new Village Door® concept in the Seascape Town Center. After the financing is complete, investors will have a 40% stake in the company but will receive an accelerated 90% of available distributions until their investment is recouped, then enjoy a period of preferred returns after that. (See the Private Placement Memorandum for details.) It’s projected that the investment units will pay regular cash distributions, which enables holders to benefit from immediate income as well as long-term equity appreciation. 

To learn more about this unique investment, sign-up to receive more information about the accredited investor opportunity at


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