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Industrial Giant CB&I to Support Implementation and Validation of BioLargo’s (BLGO) AOS Water Treatment Technology

BioLargo Inc. (OTCQB: BLGO) recently announced that it has engaged Chicago Bridge & Iron Inc. (NYSE: CBI) (“CB&I”) to support the implementation of its Advanced Oxidation Systems (“AOS”) technology and provide independent performance verification. The low-energy, low-cost, and high-performance clean-water treatment solution has been shown to achieve unprecedented levels of disinfection and efficient soluble organic contaminant removal in earlier trials. 

In August, the company hosted a group of industry experts, academia, government, and financial analysts at its second BioLargo Technical Symposium event. The company teamed up with researchers at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (“NAIT”)’s Center for Sensors and Systems Integration and with NAIT’s Applied Bio/Nanotechnology Industrial Research Chair to develop an Alpha Prototype for the event.

Studies have shown that the AOS Filter can disinfect water greater than 100 times more effectively and is 10 times faster than any competing technology when removing or destroying soluble organics. In fact, researchers at the University of Alberta termed the performance ‘unprecedented’. Results also show that energy requirements are less than 1/20th of the closest competing technology making it a low cost solution. The company reports that the technology could be applied in any industry that is reliant upon water,, including the maritime industry, agriculture, food processing, oil and gas, and even drinking water.

BioLargo President & CEO added, “All of our technologies at BioLargo can serve a wide array of industrial customers that want clean water and clean air. Our mission to ‘Make Life Better’ includes helping industry tackle operational challenges cost effectively. That intersection of service is likely where our new relationship with CB&I will shine the brightest and we look forward to working with the exceptional team at CB&I to serve industry.”

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BioLargo, Inc. ( OTCQB : BLGO ) announced that its subsidiary BioLargo Maritime Solutions, Inc. has developed and created Advanced Oxidation System technology (AOS), a low energy, low cost and high performance clean-water treatment solution.

BioLargo has engaged CB&I to support implementation of proprietary technology and provide independent performance verification.

Dennis P. Calvert, BioLargo President & CEO, commented, "Our AOS, 'Advanced Oxidation System' is the low energy, low cost and high performance clean-water treatment solution. It has been shown to achieve unprecedented levels of disinfection and efficient soluble organic contaminant removal. It has an important contribution to make to a number of industries, including the maritime industry. The AOS and all of our technical solutions deserve the attention of world-class leaders like CB&I. As opportunities materialize into formal work orders, we look forward to sharing additional details about the working relationship."

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